Gaming News: Xbox & Switch get FF7-12 in 2019, but no 8

Good news for final fantasy fans on the Nintendo Switch.
Square has just announced a slew of FF games coming to its systems in 2019. However….

The biggest news is several of the FF franchises are making their way to the Xbox system for the first time. It’s a well known fact that the PS4 had several of the FF games locked as exclusives, this has changed. And for the better. It shows 3rd party exclusivity on the system are heading towards being multiplatform, but I digress.

The saddest news is that FFVIII is not there, FFVIII is my favourite out the entire series ( XIII being second). This gives me hope that XIII will become back compat at some point. As to where XIV is, I guess they can’t reach an agreement on how to handle the game because XB players will be paying two subscriptions.

Still, this is a great way for XB fans that have never played any of the older series, to get in to the FF series.

Source: Eurogamer

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