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Episode 2: To understand one’s feelings

Continuing on from the last episode,
the stun kick that left Yuu reeling from the revelation of her senpai Touko having feelings for her. Left her in a confused state. On top of that, Touko is pushing for Yuu to be her election manager. Sayaka, Touko’s best friend is somewhat mystified as to why Yuu’s been given the role. The most obvious reason; Touko wants to get closer with Yuu. Regarding Sayaka, I’m kind of wondering if Sayaka has hidden unrequited feelings for Touko?. That just could be me.

Meaning that there are subtle hints, as she indicates, that she doesn’t think her relationship isn’t deep enough with Touko – not indicating what she really means by “deep enough”. Touko brushes this aside and reiterates that their friendship is deep enough, nothing more or less. Going back to Yuu, Yuu is pretty confused with the way Touko is with her. Touko at first tries to play it off, however, that didn’t last long as Touko steals Yuu’s first kiss. In what I would say is a very iconic moment in Yagate, filled with pink. It also causes the duo to have an awkward moment. If Yuu is confused then, she is confused even more now. This did create a small distance between them.

Which Touko understood. Props to her, for she kind of understood the confusion Yuu, is probably going through. And I guess she tried to rationalise the situation. However, in a surprising twist, Yuu wanted to overlook the situation. And continue being the campaign manager for Touko. What I did find quite interesting, is Yuu didn’t actually hate the kiss. But rather felt…nothing. She felt nothing. I liked the colour used in this scene. A washed out, black and white – which is a stark contrast to the scene of the first kiss. It is to represent a sense of void that she has within her. Going back to Touko, trying to rationalise her behaviour.

It seems that she stuck to it, in not confusing Yuu even further with her feelings or behaviour. Leaving Yuu to question her own feelings even more. However, this didn’t last long, as Yuu herself wants to see where this feeling will take her, in what she thinks is a way of acknowledging her own feelings towards Touko by grabbing her hand in secret. This elate Touko. However, this doesn’t turn out to be completely accurate. As Yuu feels even a bigger void growing within her now. She wants to reach were Touko is but can’t, further emphasising the void. Now I certainly didn’t see this coming, Touko actually knew how Yuu felt. That she can’t fall in love. So, she did something that is selfish and unselfish, to love Yuu, even though Yuu can’t reciprocate the feeling back so easily. I also loved the use of lighting here, representing a ray of hope to the romance of Yuu and Touko.

In conclusion, I have to say this episode did answer the doubts and criticism I had for the first episode. It did the things I asked for; good pacing. A decent build up of chemistry between the leads. Answers as to why Yuu can’t feel the way she does. I hope this continues in the next episode.

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