Ori and the Will of the wisps: Videogame Trailer Impression

Now, this is a game that most PS4 players or most anime fans will not normally associate the XB brand with.

Well, hate to say it but this game is associated with the XB brand. For those of you that don’t know, Ori and the blind forest is a game that came out in 2015. And it has gotten a sequel. Done by an indie studio called Moon studios. It took them 4 years to develop Ori and the blind forest. I’m pleased to say they’ve done a sequel.

To give some background. Moon studio was heavily inspired by Metroid and Castlevania to make a sub-genre of the platformer genre called Metroidvania. That’s one of the inspiration. The other inspiration is more notable. The aesthetics and storytelling. They, in fact, took inspiration from Disney and Ghibli.

I’ve played the first game, I think I did a few recorded clips of me playing on my YT channel. Let me tell you, the art, the animation is simply gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. And the soundtrack to this game, Jeebus, let me tell you, it is amazing. Absolutely bloody amazing. And have to say, the composer Gareth Coker. Has done it again. The first OST is just sublime. And I’m sure the follow up will be sublime as well.

In the first game, Ori had a wisp aiding. The wisp normally did the attacks. It was never accurate, so you had to be creative in attacking and dodging. Ori also had other abilities that you unlocked. In the trailer, however, Ori has a sword. Meaning the game is a lot more combat oriented. Not a problem for me. Some say this is a nod to another indie game called Hollow knight.

Ori and blind forest, don’t be fooled by its look. It is a very challenging game. With some really infuriating moments. And I suspect Will of the wisps will also be quite challenging.

As for the owl….I’m not going to spoil it for you. Also, I can say is prepare for an emotional journey. And some tissues.

I’ve never come across a game where less was spoken and so much said through its visuals and music. The singer, if you’re interested is Aeralie Brighton.

Ori and the Will of the wisps comes out in 2019 for Xbox One and PC.

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4 thoughts on “Ori and the Will of the wisps: Videogame Trailer Impression

  1. I’ve never owned an Xbox. Never felt much need to. All of the games I’ve ever wanted to play have been released on the Ps4, which is, in my humble opinion, a better console. Only two games have ever been the exception to this rule: Alan Wake and Ori and the Blind Forest. I hope that I get to play Ori someday…

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    1. I’ve got both consoles, I do play more on the Xbox one than the PS4. That’s fine, that you prefer the ps4. Believe me, I’ve had more than my fair share of dealing with console fanboys xDD. Ori is for the PC as well, you don’t need a very powerful one. A decent one should do.


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