7 days of video game characters: Logan Thackeray

Curtesy of Arena Net & Guild Wars 2

Character: Logan Thackeray | Game: Guild Wars 2

For the third day of my challenge. I’m doing it on a game that I’m quite familiar with. In fact, I’m a veteran of the game. Guild wars 2 is an MMORPG.

The quick story behind Logan; he was the leader of the seraph army and was a personal champion of the queen; Jennah. Logan was part of the legendary guild called Destiny’s edge. However they went their separate ways after a falling out.

I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a human race player, which is a contradiction since I have two female humans. But anyway, I’ve always found Logan an interesting character. Bland in some places and not so much in others.

What I find the most interesting about Logan, is pretty much the relationship between him and Jennah. Jennah is a Mesmer, so it’s always assumed that she used glamor magic on him. As he harboured some romantic feelings towards her. Whether this is his own genuine feelings or the magic. Was never truly resolved. However, I’m inclined to think it might have been real, because during living world season 3 episode 4; The snakes head. Logan and Jennah went their separate ways – in other words, he got friend zoned. With this Logan now taking the leadership role of the pact. Put it this way, there is a massive distance between them.

The map of Tyria

Logan is pretty much a storied character in the GW2 world. His relationship with the people around him, is what makes this character, for most cases, a bland hero in to an interesting one.

I can’t wait to see him in the next living world season.

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