7 days of video game characters: Tails

I’ve got “twin” tails

Character: Miles “Tails” Prowers | Game: Sonic

This post is an original one, unlike the first post lol, it won’t be going in to too much detail as I’ve fallen behind – my bad. Anyway, for my second character post I went retro, all the way back to the early 90’s.

As you’ve read correctly, yes I’ve chosen Tails. Even though Tails is more known by that name. His actual name is in fact Miles Prowers. It plays off the word “miles per hour”. However the original designer of tails didn’t like the name “tails”. As a compromise, they added both in.

My experience with tails comes from playing Sonic 2 on the mega drive. Even though he was introduced in a much earlier Sonic game on the master system.

I kind of relate to Tails. Tails at first was a shy, introverted character, who got picked on by the other animals. Sonic gave Tails encouragement, which in turn helped Tails. Tails also looked up to Sonic and followed him around where ever he went, always chasing after sonic. It reminds me of when I was a kid, chasing after my childhood friend. Like Tails, I looked up to him. And for a long time, I did. Tails real character development occurred in Sonic Adventure. He believed in himself and his abilities. In time he became more self-sufficient, didn’t have to rely on Sonic as heavily as he once did. Eventually doing his own thing. If Sonic is doing his heroic deeds, Tails is tinkering with machines. This pretty much happened with me and my friend. These days, I do my own thing just like Tails does.

Because whenever I play any of the Sonic games, I always play Tails alone, because I prefer his skills over Sonic or Knuckles. Also, I pretty much suck at platform timing xDD.

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