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Blog Stats of 2018: An overview of my blog

An overview of my blog stats for 2018.

Well 2018 has ended and 2019 has just started. So, I thought I do a post, just giving some info on how this blog has fared, since I restarted my new adventure.

General blogging overview

So in 2018 when I restarted, it says that I have done 22 posts. Well that’s more than I thought I’d be posting up. So it is a surprise to me, to be honest. On my old blog, I had a goal of putting up a 10-20 posts per month. With 10 being the minimum. With this one, err not so much. I like the freedom of just posting whenever, that could change though. I’m really surprised on the amount of likes and comments. Considering that I don’t comment on other blogs that often. Regarding words per post.

I do have a word limit of 500, although I do go over that sometimes. I do think 500 is a good number for my post to be around. As it makes the post; fast and easy to read. So I’ll try to be around that number on my posts. Speaking of postings and going back to post counts.

As you can see (discounting Jan), my postings are…very spotty at best. I’ll try to post more often, I can’t guarantee it, I’ll try. I do want to finish off yagate kimi ni naru episode review off. I did wanted to post them during the Christmas holidays, since I have time off work, but they as you can see, nope. Time flown by way too quick. Now for some numbers.

Some blogging numbers

I’m only showing the numbers throughout December. As you can see, they aren’t strong. Heck, you can even see where there hasn’t been any traffic coming to my blog. Goes to show, just how lax and inconsistent I’ve been posting. Although, even with the lack of posting I’m quite surprised.

That my blog number over the restart has grown – not impressively mind you as some can hit over 1k in their first month. Granted in October, there is a slight dip. A slow, steady growth in numbers. However, I suspect the numbers will flux per month – as fore mentioned due to my lax and inconsistency. With my old blog (inthecubbyhole) I had the numbers around 400 to 800: avg over 400 per month. And to be honest, those were stable, solid numbers. However, it indicated one thing; the blog was stagnating or to be dramatic; dying.

Over the course of the entire life time: inthecubbyhole managed a whopping: 25k+ over all views… over 3 years. To put this in to perspective, I’ve been blogging for 10 yrs. Some have been blogging for a fraction of that, have gotten much bigger stats in a much shorter time frame. It made me miserable. However, with the restart.

Solitarycubbyhole (or secluded observation) has managed a very minuscule, but fun overall views. With this blog, I don’t compete with other bloggers. Fun fact; inthecubbyhole has NEVER seen a three digit best ever view. I don’t think Secluded will too.

On my next post, I’ll be covering the future of my blog in regards to content and engagement.

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