Blog Status 2018: Road map, future content & engagement

Continuing on from the stats post. On this post, as the title states. I’ll be going over what you might be seeing on the blog. This will be more general, as I don’t want to makes promises, otherwise I’ll end up not doing it or fulfilling it. So here is a potential road map for the blog.

A vague direction for the future & “specialising”

When I first restarted, I wanted to strengthen what I already know; anime and videogames. With more emphasis on videogames this time round. However, my blog “lacks a specialisation”. As it covers a more general view on both anime and videogames. I do want to change this or try to at least. So, I’ve been looking at what I can specialise in, no matter how much I want to say guild wars 2, deep down I know there isn’t an audience for it. When I tried this on my other blog – there wasn’t any engagement or interest for it. This validated by the metrics on these posts. However.

With a fresh start, I could boot it up again. I could try other MMOS but the problem is; I’m pretty much a single MMO player. Unless I do a GW2 and Monster hunter world. Again though, I’m only a low ranked hunter. The other thing I can do is cover GW2 and do Xbox games. I do play them quite often enough. So I could cover xbox game along aside guild wars 2. So, I guess I might focus or cover games on XB & GW2??. Sounds interesting enough, I suppose.

Potential up coming blog content and shift of focus

With my vague direction I want to take my blog, it’s pretty needles to say. I’m focusing on videogames. With the fore mentioned above being covered. However, they won’t be the only focus. I would like to try counter arguing some video game articles. As it does appeals to me, however this is very dependant on me also playing the game or having a good understanding on it. On to anime.

Now, I’m not ditching anime. However there is a big announcement, I will not be covering any more episode reviews – I will be continuing yagate kimi ni naru to the end. I wanted it to be the bread and butter, along side video game first impressions. That will no longer be the case. Time constraints is the key issue. With various other blog posts in mind or in the works, I just don’t have the time to spend watching and re-watching to get a good feel for the episode. So, anime first and final impressions will be taking over for the anime department.

Retro videogames, hopefully should be rebooted up and continued on. I’m just deciding on the format and approach on it. Same with videogame impressions. With those type of posts, videos from youtube or screen caps from games I’m playing can be used.

I’m hoping to make the “did you know” in to a series. Where I give some info on just some things that many might not know. This really depends on research and interest.

Blogging engagement vs twitter engagement

Now, the real meat and possibly the most controversial aspect. Or the most whiniest part of the blog.

For a few years, I’ve always helped out smaller blogs, in my own way. Engagement for a blog is key. It helps to create a network, bring in traffic and have engagement or comments on your blog. It is key for the success of any blog, as its what most bloggers strive for. Now, it sounds all good, however.

This has caused me some major frustrations. Back on my old blog, I did everything right, left comments, likes in hopes of building up a network. And it worked…for a short time. The people I helped out either, just left a like on blog – which doesn’t mean much engagement. Left very little comments on my blog, in contrast to me leaving them quite a few comments. Or worse, not even engage with my posts, whilst I engage with theirs. Even when I restarted, it was the same rig morale. Having learnt from my past.

I will no longer be engaging with others on their blogs. If they can’t be bothered with mine, why should I?. Entitled, you say?. Yeah I’m entitled to something, since I’m giving something and would like something back in return. It’s funny, how others are quick enough to do that with each other. But feel no need to do so with me. I helped them up, and they thank me by ignoring, pushing me aside, once they’re done with me. I’m done helping others out on their blogs.

With twitter however, I’ll be lenient. There will be some engagement, via retweets and likes. I might even leave some tweets on what I thought of the post. From here on, out though. I will not be engaging with others on their blogs. And, if I’m ignored or pushed aside on twitter. Well I can do the same as well.

I do apologise if this comes cross to you as whiny, I’m just sick and tired of seeing others benefit from my help whilst pushing me aside. And leaving me to rot, whilst I make a ton of effort, while they make little effort with me.

So, that comes to an end of my blog updates.

8 thoughts on “Blog Status 2018: Road map, future content & engagement

  1. I can relate to all of the points you mentioned. My blog is also vague and a mix of all of my interests, and the one niche that I’m potentially interested in doesn’t have much of an audience.

    I agree with your point about engagement. I was thinking about that just today haha

    I’m interested to see the your future posts about games as a gamer myself πŸ˜€

    Thanks again for the follow and cheers to 2019!

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  2. these sound like interesting plans and WELCOME BACK. i had similar stats honestly for 2018. i kind of neglected my blog bc i was focusing on school and my mental health but i’m hoping to come back strong this year πŸ˜€ and i think it’s cool that you’re focusing on twitter. i always feel like it’s easier to interact over there than on people’s actual blog posts but i think i agree with most of the others commenting. i say still interact on the posts you *really* like. i also don’t comment much on people’s posts because i usually don’t know what to say but when it’s about a topic i like or the post sounds really interesting i’ll drop a comment πŸ™‚

    but i can also understand not getting the same engagement you put out, i think that’s why i also feel like no matter what i do (the few comments i do leave) don’t really amount to much. sometimes it makes me sad and i start to wonder if maybe there’s something wrong with me Orz which is part of the reason i took such a long break. now i’m somewhere in the i don’t care, i’m just going to scream about stuff i like and if nobody screams with me, at least i got it out of my system xD

    another thing you can do is “return favors”. whenever i see someone consistently liking my posts and leaving comments i try to do the same on their blog. i won’t force myself if i’m not a huge fan of their content but even leaving something in their about section counts i think. that way you don’t feel like you’re giving without receiving

    anywho, can’t wait to see what you come up with this year πŸ™‚ i’ve actually decided to do a few more episodic reviews but not so much that it stresses me out. i feel like there are already so many bloggers covering so many series, so it wouldn’t make the best sense to add another esp if my comments are similar to others. so i’m hoping to focus more on final reviews ^^

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  3. Good plan moving forward, Mallow! I can also get about not wanting to respond to every blog thing that comes out (and a lot of that is time, or lack thereof), but I usually am happy to drop the occasional comment for a) people who I know have been supporting me and write some good stuff of their own or b) just some truly amazing or insightful piece that catches my eye.

    I think the key here is that as bloggers, authenticity must shine through- our passion for what we write about and focus on will shine through, and given that we’re all in the same boat on some level when it comes to the writing and engagement cycle, it’s just finding your own rhythm that works. I think you’ll find the right level of engagement with others as time goes on, and that very well may be none, focusing on your own stuff (which I do myself, from time to time.)

    Since I didn’t get to say it before: here’s to a terrific 2019!

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  4. Awe! I wish I had an Xbox, I would have joined you as a fellow hunter in Monster Hunter World. And GW2 sound really interesting. The only MMO I have played thoroughly has been Final Fantasy 14.

    In terms of the engagement, I agree with you to an extent and it clear that you have been somewhat scarred from your previous experiences. But, I wouldn’t completely rule out interacting with the community. I would say just comment and share on the things you like only. That is what I do. Being Twitter is hard because I don’t constantly into my phone nor do I feel the need to update it every half hour. So when I do read other’s post and tweets and I like this, I give it some love. If not, so be it. Don’t deny yourself genuine engagement is what I am trying to say. If you like it, like it!

    I can’t wait to see what you introduce me to in the retro game series and the did you know series sounds awesome!

    Good luck in your blogging endeavors!

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  5. I get where you’re coming from. I do feel like engagement is important but it is a two way thing in a sense. There’s no point if you’re the only one engaging with others because it doesn’t always work.
    Anyways, good luck for this year and hopefully it’ll be a better experience. 😊

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  6. Oh well, blogging engagement is always weird. I think engagement is nice when you have something to say in response to a post, but becomes a burden when you treat it as an obligation. Best of luck on your blogging journey!

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    1. Thanks!, same to you. Call me old skool, I’ve always valued those that make the effort, big or small in order to forge something. So yeah you can say I felt obligated to those that make effort. But when that is taken for granted and is pushed aside. That’s when I get frustrated. Call it selfish, but it feels good to not have that burden anymore.

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