Current games played #1: MHW, Paladins and Forza Horizon 3

This might be a new segment on this blog, however it won’t be as frequent as my other posts.

The purpose of this post is kind of like an update. Only it focuses on the videogame side of things. So now that little intro is out of the way and with the title of the post says, let’s begin.

Monster Hunter; World (MHW)

Great Jagras – an oversized lizard

Monster hunter world is a game that I do enjoy playing. However, there are times where I do get frustrated by it. This maybe the weapon I’ve chosen to specialise in – the light bow gun. I do like the light bow gun, due to the mobility it offers, however when I do evade, I somehow end up getting hit by the monster at times. From that, I can only assume I’ve misread the movements from the monster(s) – still annoying. To clarify, you can play any of the 14 weapons you wish. I just chose to specialise in the light bow gun.

There are two downsides to mhw. The biggest one of all is the farming required to get some decent gear – you need to farm high end monsters for that. The other is that, it isn’t as newbie friendly. As there are two tough monsters in the starting area – Anjanth and Rathalos. Anjan is my biggest rival. Anyway, poorly equipped new players can find themselves getting killed by this annoying monster. Rathalos can be a toughie, but is infrequent as Anjan. The more tougher monsters, definitely require more players to kill. As soloing them can be a tough and time consuming ordeal.

One interesting thing, the story locks the players hunter rank till they get around 50 I think?. Then you’re free to level up however you wish.

My hunter rank is: 13 – still. Good hunter I am xDD.

Forza Horizon 3

I won’t say much about horizon 3. As there some video clips that I have, which are pretty self explanatory. The game is still amazing, despite horizon 4 being out.

Oh yeah, I drove to Karandi’ place for tea and biscuits only to smash in to a fence and fall over. I drove in my magnificent Reliant 1973 supervan III. Fantastic car!!. Okay, me driving to Karandi’s place is joke. FH3 is set in Aussie.


Where in gods name do I start with this. Paladins is a MOBA game, done by the same devs who did Smite. So you’ll see characters that maybe similar in their design. As to how I came across this game, I was actually introduced to this game by my ex-guild leader. Yes, she is Russian. Anyway, I got somewhat addicted to this F2P MOBA. However it has also introduced me to something else, one that I rarely if ever have.

It introduced me to; gamer rage. Yes this game induces gamer rage in me. The sheer idiots on this game is staggering. Let me explain, one of paladins game mode is capture the objective. Basically 5v5 fight over an objective area and then hold on to it, or push the payload to the opponents area. Well I play a tank at times. They’re usually the ones holding the point.

Anyway, in one match. I was the tank, by sheer grit we got the objective area to around the 99% mark. Most of the team members were killed – including me. Except one – a damage character by the name of Victor. This moron, I kid you not. Was literally standing outside the objective area, moving side to side like it was some CoD game, moron!. We were at 99%.
When the opposition rallied and counterattacked, and got the win.

I was fuming!. Bad team play, bad team overall. And to top it off, the idiot had no idea what s/he were doing. This is why, whenever I’m on twitch, mixer. I always tell them to go the training place. This way, the players know what the hell they are doing.

Anyway, hope you peeps enjoyed this type of post.

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