Jack-A-Jaw: A fools days post

Hey up, all. Considering I’m writing this as I’m sick, I was postponing this and any other posts – thankfully I’m slightly better, my coughing fits have calmed down for now.

Anyway to give some humour in to the only time where humour is celebrated freely. I made this post as a one off, where I answer questions asked on twitter. This is where I get to answer idiotic, stupid, dumb etc questions with my sense of dumb, dry/ dead pan/ sarcastic humour. At least I’ll make it humours as I can. Don’t be offended by anything said, this is done in jest.

So let’s get this started.

What toppings do you like on your pizza?

Pineapple. It’s the best, didn’t you know, duh.

Do people die when they are killed?

Dis is the best question eva!!

Let me go and find out by asking a dead person.

Are Pop Tarts raviolis?

Should I pop a ravioli in to a toaster to find out?

How do you like your eggs?

Sunny side up. The sunny way of life.

Rice or rice fields?

Pfft, we all know corn is what you want.

If Boruto’s Dad fought Sarada’s dad, what’s the mass of Saturn?

The mass of Saturn is err.….I’ll go ask Sailor Saturn, she’ll know.

And that’s all. Thanks to the folks who gave me these questions, the questions were humours. I hope these dry one liners did some justice to the questions asked.

Anyway, happy Aprils fools day folks.

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