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Episode 5 & 6 review: Choices and words

After a long hiatus, I thought I’d finish off the episode reviews of bloom in to you, as I said in another post.

Looking at the new format of episode reviewing, I’m still unsure of trying episode reviews. Anyway, let me know what you peeps think of the new format.

Episode 5 – The problem with choices

Yuu is still unsure about her feelings towards Touko, yet the interesting thing is she decideds that she wants to stay at Touko’s side. Which is kind of a source of conflict for her. She has to make a choice, does she want to fall in love with Touko. Or the better question is, will she allow herself to fall in love with Touko. The very end scene is quite telling, as I felt it answers the latter. Yuu bringing the planetarium close to her. Regarding Touko.

This episode showed just how much Yuu meant to Touko. It was the first time she went in to Yuu’s room and in a passive way met the entire family. The irony is she is kind of getting the approval of Yuu’s family. Rei and her boyfriend Hiro, joked that she is Yuu’s girlfriend. It is interesting that she thought she was losing Yuu to Maki, despite Yuu getting a ribbing off of him. It showed that hidden fragile side of Touko should she lose Yuu, which Yuu mentioned in the episode.

Overall I really liked this episode. That funny little scene of the characters being in Yuu’s bookshop. The types of books the girls choose were a reflection of their personality, at least that’s what I felt that particular scene was conveying to me. The picture of Yuu passing out after eating, and her sister sending it to Touko is pretty cute and funny at the same time.

Episode 6 – Words kept repressed

Sayaka is really showing her disapproval or rather her distain & jealously towards Yuu. You really can’t make it that obvious. Yuu being the nice person that she is, wants to help Touko. However, Sayaka certainly has a better understanding of Touko. Even though she isn’t the biggest fan of Yuu, she does nudge her in the direction she needs to go, in order to get an understanding of Touko at times. She also has a good reading on Yuu, that is impressive.

Meanwhile, Yuu and Touko have their first misunderstanding? maybe?. Yuu finds out the reason why Touko wants to do the stage play. And the deeper meaning behind the front that Touko puts up. In a way, it mirrors Yuu. As she puts on a front, so that no one can work out that she can’t fall in love. I do like the scene where it showed the girls first misunderstanding. It showed Touko leaving Yuu behind on the bank whilst she distances herself from. However, they eventually come to meet each other again. I find that quite symbolic.

Yagate kimi ni naru is really picking up the drama and characterisation. And I’m loving it!. The inner monologue of Yuu in this episode, only amplified her inner feelings. What I found quite surprising is what Touko wants herself with Yuu, right at the end. I’m thinking is Touko only falling in love with the notion of love and not actually being in love?.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 5 & 6 review: Choices and words

  1. I did find Yagate to be moving too quickly at the start, for example how quickly that first kiss happened, but it didnt matter anymore by the end as it really turned into a lovely anime to watch!

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    1. I thought the same thing at first, as the show progressed I found that it slowed it down and let us take in their relationship. Agree, I’m glad I picked this up, it’s really a gem to watch!!,

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