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Episode 7 & 8 review: Secrets and intersection

Continuing on with the reviews, I’m really enjoying the series. I didn’t expect it to be this good, but boy hell is it. Each character really just shines in their own way.

Episode 7 – Secrets Galore

Bloom in to you Sayaka and Touko

Sayaka gets a lot of development in this episode. We’re shown in a flash back that Sayaka was briefly in a relationship in another school with another girl, however the girl in question pretty much dumped her, leaving Sayaka questioning her own feelings towards girls – namely thinking it was just a phase. That is until she crossed paths with Touko. Where she realised that it isn’t a phase, but genuine interest in girls. This episode also confirmed what I thought all along, Sayaka is jealous of Touko and Yuus closeness.

In regards to Touko and Sayaka, there does seem to be a gap between the two. Which Touko mentions in her inner monologue. Sayaka only sees the perfect version of Touko and not the one shy, vulnerable version of Touko that Yuu sees and accepts. Though she does notes that Sayaka has a different type of kindness to that of Yuu. I like how Touko wanted to be on first name basis with Yuu, to only get all giddy and shy. The more hilarious aspect of this is when Suguru tried to get on first name basis, but ended up being brushed off by Touko and Sayaka not really being comfortable with Yuu’s first name. 

This episode should be given kudos as it brought in a mature lesbian relationship. A café owner and the girls Jap teacher. I think Sayaka found a person who can understand her feelings and give advice. Also to note, Sayaka is damn sharp, she sussed out the two just by their greetings and how a cup of coffee was drunk.

Episode 8 – Intersection

Bloom in to You. Yuu, Sayaka and Touko

Yuu and Sayaka are having problems in a relay race. With relay races, communication and understanding are key, knowing when the other is ready to run. The episode makes it pretty obvious that the girls are competing with each other and Sayaka’s frosty attitude towards Yuu. However, Yuu wants to break down that frosty wall and wants to know Sayaka a bit better. It turns out, Sayaka isn’t as snooty as she makes out or doesn’t mind direct type of people. Which in turn help their relationship to become a bit better. They’re doing this as they both want to be there for Touko.

Speaking of Sayaka and Touko. At the start, we get to see the girl that broke Sayaka’s heart. In a very insensitive move, the girl doesn’t consider Sayaka’s feelings at the time and just thinks it was a phase still. I do like what Sayaka did next, she grabs on to Touko and in a very “ha! in your face bitch” moment, showing the girl that Sayaka has moved on. Near the beginning and towards the end, these scenes kind of mirror each other. At the beginning with Sayaka and Touko. And at the end with Yuu & Touko. The difference being is Yuu and Touko bonding with each other, with Yuu beginning to like the idea of being around Touko.

I’ve already said and I’ll say it again, I really loved the defiant and triumphant look Sayaka gave to her old flame. The other thing I like about this episode is the interactions between Yuu and Sayaka. Both girls were measuring each other up. Not only that, their inner monologues and just what would happen; if Sayaka tells Touko of her feelings and Yuu falling for Yuu.

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