Obligatory 10 year blog anniversary post

Yay, nothing special. Not much to be said, moving on.

Feel free to read this post I’m linking back to:

My 9th year anniversary blog post

Update on that post; Rayz aka mirror purple is continuing to blog, the otaku judge has quit blogging.

I guess these words have meaning;

I can’t stop now, lock and load, don’t stop now, come on and rock and roll!!

Also here’s a gif for you all. Thanks for sticking around my lazy butt?? XDD. Take care folks!!

15 thoughts on “Obligatory 10 year blog anniversary post

  1. Wow, that’s unreal. I’ve been blogging on and off since 2010 across different platforms and blogs, but to keep the same blog going for that long is amazing.

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    1. No, no Lynn. If you click on the link to my 9th yr post. It gives a more detailed account. Kind of like yourself, blogged on and off on different platforms. At the tail end of 2013 onwards I stuck to wordpress. Secluded observation is my 4th blog, 2 are deleted 1 has been abandoned.

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      1. Sounds very similar. I started on Blogger. Had 3 different blogs over the years before switching to WordPress four years ago. I started with a straight forward free account and then decided to use my domain to host my own. Either way, weโ€™re both obviously crazy…

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  2. Congrats! Ten years is an impressive feat. I only managed a fraction of that before burnout caused me to ditch regular blogging.

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    1. I feel old xDD. you keep going Matt!!. Yeah, I picked that song specifically because, that particular “you can’t stop now, you don’t stop now” line resonated with me. I wanted to stop at the 2018 or end it here on my 10th yr. However, I always find myself not being able to stop xDD.

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      1. I will and hopefully I can meet up with you in the 10 year mark lol. That song is pretty catchy and it motivates you and I. I am glad you’re still here. You always fun to talk to ๐Ÿ™‚

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