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Episode 11 & 12 review: Centroid and suffocating

We’re heading in to the build up and penultimate episodes of this wonderful Yuri show. I can’t write highly enough of this anime.

Episode 11 – Centroid of the Triangle

The student council is having their first camp rehearsals for their play. They did invite Koyomi, however she declined. She did mention that the ending of the play is off, but it felt satisfactory for the audience – a foreshadowing perhaps?. Not to spoil the fun, this will be Yuu’s, Touko and Sayaka’s first sleep over. In the same room together. The girls were trying to hold their desires in. Wondering, what would have happened if was just only the two of them. In the end, they’re glad that someone else is there. Riko, brings in someone from the past, a former council member called Ichigaya. A blast from the past for Touko.

With Ichigaya and Touko reuniting. It brought some memories back for Ichigaya. He recalls how Mio, Touko’s older sister is a slacker in her role as council president in comparison to Touko, who is hands on and gets things done. Not without having similar traits of being pushy. Touko, however begins to questions herself. Was she portraying an idealised version of her sister. Mio gave the impression that she is perfect, however what Ichigaya has shown is that Mio is far from it. This brought about a mild depression for Touko, which only Yuu noticed – but did nothing. Sayaka kind of notices it, hoping that Touko will lean on her.

The first half is just fluff. I can’t deny that – it is amusing though. The funniest bit I found is where Touko looks at Yuu and remarks how big her brests are, the other bit is where Sayaka is struggling with her desires but controls it. I guess the other amusing bit is where Touko takes a pic of “glasses” Sayaka. The more meatier bit is where Touko meets Ichigaya and where he tells her his version of how he saw Mio. This did hit Touko hard, as she has built this “idealised” version of her sister and portrayed it to everyone. Now she is in limbo.

Episode 12 – Suddenly Suffocating

Rehearsals for the play is going smoothly for the student council, as each member recite their lines. Touko uncharacteristically performs her role really well. So much so, that the others are impressed by it. However, they’re unware that these lines are mere emotional outbursts of Touko’s. Only Sayaka and Yuu realise this. With Yuu only watching helplessly as Touko falls in to a pit of despair. Sayaka is quite pleased that Touko is beginning to lean on her and not Yuu.

In a bid to help Touko, Yuu asks her to come around to her place. It is here the two have an intimate moment with each other. Touko explaining to Yuu about how Ichigaya has explained to her, that the sister that she knew, is different from what he told her. Essentially throwing her in a loop. And wondering what type of person she should be. Touko is aware that should Yuu fall in love, Touko will fall out of love. Not taking in to account of Yuu’s feelings. In order to stop hating herself, Yuu wants to change the ending of the play.

A very good episode. I really like that smug air that Sayaka always gives to Yuu. That she is the one that truly understands Touko and not Yuu. Which isn’t accurate. I liked Touko’s delivery on her lines, when she gave that emotional outburst. She deserved an academy award for that, okay that’s a bit unfair, still good delivery though. The funniest bit of the episode is when Koyomi wanted to work out what is off about the play, and is mad that Yuu worked it out instead of her.

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