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Episode 13 review: To The Last Stop & a small after thought

The finale of Yagate kimi ni naru episode review

The finale!!!. In this episode we see how Yuu and Touko deal with their feelings and how Touko can move on from her deceased sister. Will she find the happiness that deserves to have?.

Episode 13 – To The Last Stop

Touko is visiting her sister’s grave. At this point, she is questioning as to what direction she should take after the school play. Clearly, Touko is suffering from an identity crisis. Yuu and Koyomi are working on rewriting the school play. By doing so, Koyomi notes that from a passive role to a more active role, Yuu get’s more lines. Later on, Touko and Sayaka come in to the café. It is here that Touko opens up more about her sister to Sayaka. In what I think is a pivotal scene, Sayaka withdraws from telling Touko her feelings. The secret should be kept a secret.

Meanwhile Yuu and Touko are visiting an aquarium. This orchestrated by Yuu, catching Touko off guard, but pleasantly surprised. Technically this will be their official date. Yuu and Touko spent much of the time enjoying their sights in the aquarium. Touko confess that she loves Yuu. Which Yuu thinks she says it a bit too freely. Whilst waiting for the penguin show, Yuu and Touko decide to rehearse the newly rewritten play. It is here that Yuu reiterates to Touko, that the person she is, is the person she should be.

It ended really nicely, with Yuu making it very clear, that she has developed feelings for Touko. And that all she wants is for Touko to be happy. To reiterate what I said, the most pivotal scene I found is with Sayaka. The fact that she seemed happy to know that Touko can lean on her is enough for her. Obviously that she isn’t aware that Yuu and Touko are an item. Casting aside her own happiness for the sake of her friend.

Small after thought

When I first watched yagate, I did have an issue with the pace of how fast Touko fell in love with Yuu. And it is understandable, love at first sight isn’t a new concept, nor is it an accurate depiction of romance. Touko only interacted with Yuu for a very short period. So it didn’t really feel organic. Plus their chemistry needed to be worked on. Having said that, as I progressed from the first 3 episodes. I slowly started to see their relationship worked differently. And as the series progressed, their chemistry and the series as a whole grew. The character that has the same stance as me is Maki; he’s indifferent to the whole notion of romance. The most interesting and possibly tragic character is Sayaka, incidentally she is also my fav. I really loved the theme the show exhibited. Discovering and accepting oneself.

A quick to note as well. I’ve mentioned this on twitter, so I’ll mention it on here. A part of me wants to have another shot at episode reviewing under the new format. However, the other part of me can’t be bothered doing it. Should I choose to do episode reviews, it will be on series that are already finished (out of season). I don’t have a schedule or ETA on it. Since the mantra for this blog is; if I post, then I’ll post it. If I don’t, then I don’t.

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3 replies on “Episode 13 review: To The Last Stop & a small after thought”

Sayaka is a great character, and so is Maki. Actually, all the characters are pretty amazing and interesting. I’m not sure who my favorite is. About the afterthought, I’m interested in reading more episode reviews from you, whether or nor they’re current season.

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Agree the cast were great and interesting. That is nice of you!. I’m still undecided. On one hand, I don’t want to pigeon hole myself again just doing the same old types of post, on the other hand they are fun to do.


I think personal enjoyment is the most important thing for writing unless you are writing to make money and need to target a certain audience. That’s just my opinion though, and I’m not very experienced.

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