The world is still beautiful: Episode 1 and 2 Scribbles

A few years ago, I watched world is still beautiful, but never got past episode 4. So I thought I’d re-watch it again from scratch. This time do some episode scribble on it. Also I’m ditching introductory paragraphs for episode scribbles from this post on wards.

Episode 1

The world is still beautiful Nike Lermercier
Shocked that I can sing???

From the moment Nike is shown, the impression I’m given about her is this spunky, independent princess, that can handle herself. And world still beautiful does that quite well, I thought. From the market place, she showed she isn’t some pampered princess. She knows how to get about. For comical purposes, they make her a tad naive to the attempted swindling of her luggage. Although I guess the main point of that particular scene is to bring in what I think is her two stooges?. I can’t remember if they play any roles further, if they do. I’m not too keen about them, I’m not too sure what to make of that little nod of breaking the fourth wall for “fan service” although the implication of that is pretty serious – it was an attempted rape.

In regards to that particular scene, what bothered me is how did Nike knew exactly where Mina was taken and by who. I found that scene really odd. I guess for plot convenience Nike just showed up, to show just a little bit of her powers. The other thing that really got me, is the pacing. I thought it was a slower back then. Now I found it fast. It’s not an issue, just something I noticed.

Overall: even though the first episode does a good job of establishing Nike’s personality and the situation she’s in. I found myself not too hot on the first episode, but I’ll continue on wards to see Nike’s adventures.

Personal highlights:

  • Nike getting in to a brawl with the castle guards
  • Having a rock, paper, scissors contest with her other sisters and losing
  • Lize wanting her father to see the petals like snow fall down

Episode 2

World is still beautiful - Livi
All hail the brat!

Livi is such a stuck little brat!. That’s putting it mil-okay, the kid is a snobby, stuck up, condescending little twerp. His attitude hits the right notes (no pun intended) to contrast to that of our main protagonist Nike. Who I have to give some really kudos to, knew how to get under his skin with or without intentionally. For example the flowers, whilst Nike is impressed with the flowers on display, Livi is nonchalant about them (to be honest, I’d be too). With Nike expressing a disappointment that Livi doesn’t even care what’s around him, if he is too be a good king then he should pay attention to the little things. Which is a fair assessment.

There is a scene that I really thought was just really melodramatic. Nike gets an arrow shot in her arm. The way the whole scene, played out as if she just died. Even though she just ended up with a “fever” even then that statement is over stated. I do like Nike’s tenaciousness to break out of jail and pull Livi’s face when she first met him. Though she notes that even though he is a brat (okay a young boy), his eyes don’t reflect it. If anything, it has this stern, hard look. Also the last scene is to introduces Nike’s real powers; able to bring forth the rain.

Overall: a much better episode, as it helps to establish Nike’s and Livi’s relationship as to how she will be a much better influence on him. And it shows, as he reflects back on his deceased mother and how he wanted to have that soft feeling again. If that makes any sense I’m impressed my readers understood it. The song to bring forth the rain actually is quite nice.

Personal highlights:

  • Nike pulling on Livi’s face and not backing down from him
  • Nike breaking out of jail and then making her way to Livi’s quarters to surprise him on her break out
  • The rain song, it had a nice touch to it

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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