The world is still beautiful: Episode 5 and 6 Scribbles

Episode 5

The world is still beautiful
Hello I’m Inigo Montoya….

Conclusion to a two part story. In this episode it picks up directly from where the would be assassins confront Nike. I like how Nike handled herself here. It shows that she isn’t completely reliant on her powers. And that her natural athletic abilities allowed her to avoid her would be assassins. However, I’m not too surprised as well. As once again Levi gets involved, I’m not too sure why Levi has to save her, when Nike can clearly look after herself. At the same time, I can see why. A slightly more darker part I felt, showed with Levi. As he was willing to kill in order to protect Nike. However, it is revealed that it wasn’t done out of malice, which is what has kind of been projected the last couple of episodes – Levi is ruthless. Instead it was done of out fear of losing Nike. I like that it showed Levi showing his more vulnerable side. Nike understanding his fear and concern for her, in a way, this incident helped them understand each other a little bit better.

The engagement ceremony is just a bit silly. It was more of revealing the conspirators behind the attempted assassination of Nike. I’m still bamboozled as to why Nike has to lose weight for a dress, the girl is more than fit – it is what it is. One thing I did find quite humorous is the old men arguing about the size of breasts, I mean dirty old men still ogling at poor Nike. The ceremony didn’t do much for me. I mean the most significant part is Nike making it rain to create this halo effect, essentially a ring. The other bit I enjoyed seeing is when Nike punched the main conspirator, that got a whoop out of me.

Overall: I like just how closer Nike and Levi are – it’s actually quite sweet. Also showing the more human side of Levi. I didn’t see much point of the ceremony, besides bringing out the main conspirator. The other thing I did like is Nike using some water to create a fog to help escape. Also Neil the butler crying, that I found funny.

Personal highlights:

  • Nike punching out the main conspirator
  • Old men arguing about the size of breasts
  • The use of water to create a fog

Episode 6

World is still beautiful episode 6
Twin tail tsun mode..activate!!

So the first love rival / obstacle has occurred for the newly wedded. As typical it comes in the form of a haughty, up tight near perfect princess who just so happens to be Livi’s childhood friend – that was a mouthful and a half to say xDD. Her name is Luna, and she is the princess of the ocean kingdom – this series has some weird kingdoms. As per usual, for any the episode that deals with the childhood friend / love interest for the main character, she had to be a twin tail tsundere type. Blow me over, not. As from that comment, you can tell I wasn’t that impressed with her. The one thing that did show me is just how aloof Livi was growing up. In a way, I kind of feel bad for Luna as she stuck by Livi, up to a certain point. As she came to see Livi when he became sun king. It is around this point that she distanced herself from him, as he became the person he is now – a cold, hardened person. Not the person she fell in love with.

Which is interesting, since Nike is the one that breaks down those walls. And can get through to him. I felt bad for Nike here, as she is such a tomboy, yet when it comes to being a proper princess or having such etiquettes that required such things, she feels inferior to Luna. Livi did his best to inspire her and it worked. The so called duel that Luna and Nike had were just rubbish. A race to the aqueducts? I don’t know that is one weird duel. One thing I did kind of felt- a vindictive pleasure is seeing this tsun getting her just desserts. Being told she is the failure. Also damn, them paper work!.

Overall: There wasn’t much point in bringing this love rival, I don’t think it could be seen as a love rival. It was that much one sided. The duel was just naff to be honest. I found Livi calling Nike back home via a cannon is just funny. And her attempts in dancing, only to be stepping on Neil’s foot every third step.

Personal highlights:

  • Cannon being fired in calling Nike home
  • Nike stepping on Neil’s foot during the dance lesson
  • Livi kissing Nike (finally) expressing their love for each other

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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