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I'm just a soloist anime, video game blogger. Call me Rok or Mallow, pleased to meet you!!

Favourite 4 movie theme OST that are okay that I can jam to

With the release of the new Mortal Kombat movie coming out in April, it got me thinking, what movie OST do I actually like. So here is my fav 4 movie theme OST. Since, this is my tag list post, I’m opening it up. In my last post, I restricted to just new or blog with low followers. Now, the tagged bloggers can tag whoever they wish. Doesn’t matter the size of the blogs. As usual, the tagged ones aren’t restricted to 4 (this only applies to me). They can use whatever number they wish.

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Friends to no friends in another worlds (winter 2021)

You will be noticing one show missing, yeah I removed Log horizon S3, my initial plan was just to cover 2 seasonal shows. However, at the last minute I added log horizon. Since many don’t seem too bothered about my posts, meh why not change it at a glance. Yup, I’ll be covering these two shows moving forward.

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๐Ÿ”Š Sound Out with Lucy Dragonas

Hey up splodgers!!!, for very long time – well throughout my entire duration as a blogger, not once did I ever ask (or be asked) to do an interview.

*UPDATE: I’ve removed the colour coding of L and added Lucy’s pfp from her twitter. I think this adds that little bit of her personality to the questions.

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