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The Pop Quiz #2: From what show is this Jean version from?

Mallow’s pop quiz has been renamed. So now it’s just The Pop Quiz. I’ll try to have this out on Sundays. As always, refrain from giving out the answers in the comment section folks!.

Here are the answers:
The record of grand crest war
… not the record I’m looking for
Attack on Titan: Junior High
Attack on Titan
… close, but no Mikasa
Guilty Crown
… Jean isn’t wearing a crown of thorns

Mallow’s pop quiz: Who is this character from Fairy tail?

This is just a little fun post I’m doing. Just click on the answers – and try to refrain from giving the answers in the comment section below. I’m not sure just how often or if it will be a permeant post. I might try to have this on a particular day even. Still thrashing out the finer details. Otherwise, leave a comment down below, would like the feedback.

Here are the answers:
Lucy Heartfilia
… your heart told you wrong, your spirit will lead the way
Cana Alberona
Wendy Marvell
… the wind sisters are looking for you
Mirajane Strauss
… changing your soul is the way to find the answer