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Tales of Zesteria the X wasn’t the best of tales to had [Best of]

This is an import from my old blog, yeah I know laziness. I decided to keep it the way it is, as I haven’t seen the series in a long time, still enjoyed it. Plus you get to see some of my old reviews / posts.

Hey up folks. Well one of my anticipated anime from last season has finally ended. So I’ll be taking a look back on to the series. If you haven’t played the game then I’ll warn you, it does spoil..to a certain degree. So I suggest you finish the game then watch the last episode.

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Introducing the 7 Days of Videogame Characters

This little idea is my own challenge. It’s inspiration comes from the 12 days of anime, which most anime bloggers are familiar with. From the title, you can see that it’s 7 days instead of 12. The difference with my own little challenge, the posts will lead up to new years eve or day. And they can be main characters, villains, side-characters, basically any characters.

The posts will indicate what game they are from. And how I feel about the characters. I may give a little back info on the game – I’ll limit it, in order to try and avoided spoilers or make the post boring.

So without further ado I’ll be posting the first days challenge soon.